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Bun Former Create Fashion Foam Sponge Style Hair Styling Tool Clip Twist Wrap it

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Model, you have to run out the door and your
long hair is blowing in the wind...
You don't have time to style it.

Model, you are off to the gym and/or yoga class and your
long hair gets in the way...
Your pony tails always fall apart and into your eyes...

Model, you are off to work and your long hair
just doesn't look as professional as it could today...

What to do??!!

Try doing what fashion icons like Kim Kardashian and Tori Spelling do:

Wrap it up~!
Put it in a fashionable BUN~!


This is by far the
I've ever found
to make my hair look polished.


Simply get a coated ponytail holder and
create a simple ponytail where you would like your bun to appear.
This can be at the crown of your head,
low down on the nape of the neck,
side of the head, it doesn't matter!~

Now split the Bun Former open,
Slip the tail of your pony inside,
Close the slit back on the Bun Former
and slide it down to the end of the ponytail.
Now begin to roll it up, usually toward your face,
but this will depend on the style you are seeking.
Roll it loosely or tightly, again for the style
you are creating.
When you reach your head,
twist, crimp, bend or fold the Bun Creator
to complete the Bun and the style you want~!
Most of the time, you will never need a single hairpin!~

I am NOT good with my hair and
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these things~!!!
Sometimes I even sleep in it
and when I wake up, I have
wavy curls~!!

I can't wait to see what YOU do with this, Model~!
Send me a pic~!!

Thank you~!
Anita | ModelSupplies

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