7 ml 100% Soy Rice Peptides Lighten Dark Circles NEW~!

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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)
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Due to Popular Demand!

Attn: Skin Care Formulators
We have listened to your requests!

*Powerful Ingredient*

will make your next under eye cream or gel
the talk of the town!

*Use Rate: is just 2% to 5% of total formula. Water soluble*

This Listing is for

7 ml

of this pricey ingredient!

*Note the use rate is only 2% to 5% so it goes FAR!*

Enough to make 140 ml (or about 3.5 oz)

Add .6 ml (about 1/2 ml) to 1 oz (or 30 ml) cream

*Pipette included for measuring when available -

(sometimes we run out of things and would not hold up your order for a pipette!)

Soy Rice Peptides
No Additives!
NATURAL Dark Circle Ingredient!
*May lighten skin

 Supplied as 
INCI Name: Oxidoreductases, soy peptides, hydrolyzed rice bran extract, phenonip. 

Dramatically reduces dark circles & puffiness around the eyes (clinical study showed 35% reduction after 8 weeks treatment), improves skin smoothness & texture, improves microcirculation of the blood in the skin.

Use Rate:
2% to 5% of total formula. Water soluble, incorporate at or below 45oC (113oF) to formulations.

Great for dark-circle treatment products such as creams, gels and lotions, eye contour care and concealers!

We normally ship same to next day!

By this time in a few days, you could be actively removing your dark under eye circles and creating something to remove the circles of others as well!

#Experienced a lot of difficulties when creating this listing -please feel free to ask questions!

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