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A little about ModelSupplies:

  • Skin care products & ingredients focused on anti-aging.
  • Our mission is to make the very best available to everyone regardless of financial means.
  • We are located in the Metro-Detroit area, Michigan, USA.
  • 571-319-5459
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Hello, I'm Anita Nelson and I started ModelSupplies in 2002 on eBay after being disgusted by the high prices of cosmetics. I had been watching a lot of QVC at the time and making purchases for beauty items I really couldn't afford. I began to buy sets of items to keep one and sell the rest, in order to cover the cost of the one item I'd really wanted. Initially, the store was called Fuller Farms and renamed to ModelSupplies. I got pretty heavy into Bare Minerals makeup and began splitting those up to sell. There was a whole ecosystem of sellers on eBay doing this, but eventually, Bare Escentuals complained and shut down all of those stores. I was only doing it again to cover my own costs of my own makeup. So I continued on purchasing groups of items, keeping one and selling the others. 

Soon, I stumbled upon a homemade lip balm on eBay. It was pretty good, but the shea butter was grainy. I thought I could do better. So I researched all the best ingredients to put into a lip balm and began thinking what would be additional features I'd like in a lip balm. I decided I'd like a tint, flavor and a little plumping or anti-aging action. I set about creating my very unique lip balms and they opened the door for all sorts of new creations! 

Next, I slipped with the hot wax on only one eyebrow - Oh no! I set about finding the best way to regrow those hairs in the fastest time. Again, I researched all of the very best ingredients and soon, Rapid Brow by ModelSupplies was born. The original Rapid Brow. Shortly after that, I formulated Rapid Nail and Rapid Hair. Everyone was all over that name "Rapid" before you knew it. Even Neutrogena. We were able to show evidence that we'd been selling under the name long before anyone else and won the rights to continue selling. 

One product I was using from QVC was a co-wash by a very famous brand. I loved how smooth and shiny my hair was all the time! So easy to brush out, so glossy, that I barely noticed the width of my ponytail gradually shrink by half! I suddenly noticed there was a large gap in my part when I parted my hair! My husband noticed his hair was doing the same - thinning! By a LOT! So I got busy researching and found a blog post about hair loss in relation to this product. The blogger is a cosmetologist who claimed she'd had plenty of clients come in with this issue, admitting to using that cowash. Now we aren't sure whether it's because of the brand or the cowash technique itself, however, that was enough for me to abruptly quit using my formerly favorite product. Once again, I found every ingredient thought to promote hair growth, thickness, and faster hair growth. This was the birth of Rapid Hair and Recover Me. Stopping the cowash and beginning these products restored my hair to its previous thickness and beyond! Same for my husband. Within 6 months to a year, we both had thicker hair than ever in our lifetimes and we were in our 50's. 

Reading books by Dr. Perricone was a huge inspiration for all of the serums, lotions and creams. Without DMAE, I'm convinced my face would be drooping to the floor at age 57! But it isn't and I have him to thank for it. I briefly interacted with Dr. Perricone on Twitter via DMs and explained how he was my inspiration. I let him know I cater to the poor and he was fine with being my mentor by book. If you can afford his products, I definitely recommend them. If you can't, like me, I have reasonable facsimiles readily available for you on this very site. He even sent me a very large and wonderful set of his latest creations. I was in love. 

Next, I discovered copper peptides, however, the man behind this ingredient was not nearly as affable as Dr. Perricone. This PHD doctor who is credited with discovering copper peptides, doesn't want anyone except himself to sell them. He has a highly popular brand and line, however, there are numerous comments talking about severe side effects. The belief of his former team is that the dose is too strong. Our copper peptide solutions are more in line with his former team. We've only received one complaint and that was the time we tried to make the solution 50% stronger. Our customers let us know it was too much, and begged us to "put it back!". We listened! We have thousands of satisfied customers for our copper peptides and copper peptide products like Hi-Rose and Copper Berry, not to mention the hair growth products like Recover Me and Rapid Hair, plus the ingredient AHK copper peptides. 

I began to get curious about devices next. Dr. Perricone had mentioned electrical stimulation boosts the effects of DMAE and that had me very intrigued. Soon, I found devices to sell and use. I started with the FaceMaster which uses conductive serum - so I used our DMAE Jelly = fantastic! It was a little awkward to use though and a real bear to fit into my routine with the prep and clean-up, using wands, sitting at a tabletop rather than sofa. Next, I found red light therapy which didn't do very much for my skin, however, it turns out that it's fantastic for my dog's Wobbler's Syndrome! (I'll write about that another time, perhaps). Also great for my dog's Wobbler's as well as my skin was DermaWand. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results and often pick them up from people who just never really tried it to resell to clients I'd like to help! I'm not gonna lie, I also keep a spare! It's really that good. I don't use their serums, preferring my own since I know what's in them and exactly what to expect. 

The last 4-5 years have been extremely challenging for me personally and for my skin. I've frowned a lot and am getting a horrible vertical line in my forehead from it. I've tried Botox once and it didn't work for me, but I'm considering trying it again for only my forehead. My dear husband passed away just over 4 months ago, so I can see my hair graying and the shock take hold of my body. I continue to search for solutions and will likely try Synake Serum again before Botox. I never should have stopped with SS. Anyway, as I travel through life looking for solutions that don't take much money or energy for myself, I'm more than happy to share my findings with you, so you can benefit, too!