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Happy Mother's Day to All the Magical Women

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There's beauty in my blood~! My family was filled with magical women. Throughout the history of women in my family tree, pursuit of beauty has been a tradition. In good times and in bad, women in my family have always worked to find the means to create beauty for themselves and others.

There was my aunt who...

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10 Quick & Easy Beauty Fixes at Home

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Who says you have to spend a fortune to maintain your beauty? In fact, you may not even have to leave your house! Here are 10 beauty products you probably already have in your home that with a little creativity could be your next favorite beauty products~! Let's investigate:

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Paralyzing or Toning? Which will give me the unfair advantage I seek?

botox copper peptides dermawand dmae electrical stimulation face master facial toning micro current microcurrent peptides perricone

The best way to do this according to Dr. Perricone's books (and me) is to use DMAE - even better if you pair DMAE with electrical stimulation and copper peptides. I have a fix for you, but only about 6 units, total. This will ship with a 2 oz bottle of Sero-Max - an HA and DMAE gel serum in an aloe base which makes a terrific conducting serum for use with this micro current machine:

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Which is better for your skin? Chemical vs Physical Exfoliation

abrasive facial scrubs aha peels alpha hydroxy acids chemical peels exfoliate exfoliation glycolic acid glycolic peels scrubbing brushes

A couple of years ago, I sat across from one of my friends from Kindergarten at Panera Bread. Her skin was luminous and she was so humble about it. After we went through the "oh no, yours is!" exchange, I asked her what her secret was and she said she loves to exfoliate. I asked her favorite methods and they all were physical abrasive scrubbing methods. I literally cringed and she asked didn't I like to exfoliate? Yes, of course, I love to exfoliate! There is little to no benefit gained from applying serums containing peptides, DMAE and all sorts...

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