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Paralyzing or Toning? Which will give me the unfair advantage I seek?

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DMAE is the only ingredient proven to reverse and prevent sagging!

Most people are familiar with Botox, the injectable form of the poison toxin, botulism, used to cause a paralyzing effect on the muscles in the face creating a smooth appearance of the face. I have never tried it and the reasons go beyond money and even toxins. My reasoning is more Perriconesque. Dr. Perricone teaches that toning the muscles of the face is a much better way to remain youthful. This is in direct contrast to Botox, but I agree. The biggest indicators of age that I see include jowls, sagging around the eye area, and sagging under the chin and on the neck. Botox can actually make these things worse because the muscles are not even doing the regular work of holding up the skin, let alone getting toned and holding it up better than usual. It's fine to use topical paralyzers to release the surface tension of the skin, smoothing fine lines, but if you really want to work on wrinkles, on looking younger, you must reverse the sagging. 

The best way to do this according to Dr. Perricone's books (and me) is to use DMAE - even better if you pair DMAE with electrical stimulation and copper peptides. I have a fix for you, but only about 6 units, total. This will ship with a 2 oz bottle of Sero-Max - an HA and DMAE gel serum in an aloe base which makes a terrific conducting serum for use with this micro current machine:

Microcurrent + DMAE = your unfair advantage!~

I'm not sure whether the item will populate into our Shopify store, so I am placing a link to our eBay store here, tried and true. Any day I would choose toned muscles over an overly smooth surface. I can live with a fine line here and there as long as I don't have jowls or that dreaded break in the jawline. I'm not fond of sagging under the eyes, either, so this machine paired with Sero-Max has been fantastic for me. You wouldn't know I am 52 and that's the theme I have chosen for my life and for yours~! So now I am off to lose weight again - it's truly the only thing making me look older and it has to go (again)~! 

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