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Happy Mother's Day to All the Magical Women

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Magical Women

There's beauty in my blood~! My family was filled with magical women. Throughout the history of women in my family tree, pursuit of beauty has been a tradition. In good times and in bad, women in my family have always worked to find the means to create beauty for themselves and others.

There was my aunt who was an Avon Representative and always brought over delightful lipstick samples. They were in these tiny tubes, some plain white plastic, others ornate as a full size, yet still petite wonders. She was always so dressed up, wearing that lipstick, her hair meticulous and smelling wonderful.

There was my big sister who concocted with me various types of "makeup" when I was little. She would add food coloring to corn starch and oil, somehow creating "eyeshadow" or "blush".

My mom from WWII era experimented with fruit acids, doing peels on her skin before it was something one could purchase. Her skin was phenomenal. She would endure literal peeling off of the top layer to get it that way! She mixed up a cucumber cream for afterward to expedite healing which took a couple of days.

My great aunt lived on a farm with bulls that chased me! Her advice was to stay healthy, pinch your cheeks at the very top gently for blush, and use a touch of vanilla extract for perfume. I think the bulls must have liked it!

And my great aunt who, during The Great Depression and Prohibition, became a hair stylist and beauty shop owner-operator out of her home, paying the bills when her husband became ill from heart problems. He was unable to work anymore, but he entertained the husbands in the basement with poker and moonshine while the wives had their hair and nails done, facials and anything else you could think of. Like my husband and me, they didn't have children. They traveled the world, bringing back fun mementos from distant lands like Europe, Australia and even Africa. I'll never forget the bull figurine and beautiful dancing lady statuettes she brought from Spain. There has been a lot of bull in my life lol

I learned from these women that beauty should be part of life, but that it doesn't always just happen on its own; it's something to be achieved. You have to make it happen. So I've made a pact with myself to bring beauty into my own life and share it with others every day. It's my life's mission. What will you do today to encourage beauty in your life?

Magical Women

On this Mother's Day, please reach out to the women in your life whether or not they are mothers. Just let them know you care. If you are lucky enough to still have your mother or aunts in your life, don't take them for granted. We appreciate you~!

Happy Mother's Day, Models~!

Thanks for reading~!
Anita |

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