1 gm Resveratrol 98% Pure - Emodin Free - Polygonum cuspidatum Source - DIY

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1 gm of Reseveratrol 98% Pure

(now packaged in a fancy all black jar)

Approx. 1 teaspoon

Enough to Add to 4 oz cream for a 1% (max!) Resveratrol cream

Or add to 8 oz cream for a .5% Resveratrol cream

Dissolve in a few drops of alcohol, then add to cream or add directly to cream and stir~!

Resveratrol 98% Pure

Appears as a white powder.

Use Rate: 1%

Orally Suggested 500 mg daily

Alcohol Soluble

Not Water Soluble

100% thru 20 mesh




is fantastic blocking free-radicals!

The same ingredient used in many successful

skin care products Worldwide!

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Before you pay $100 for 1 jar of cream!

Studies show that Resveratrol:

Shields skin from environmental damage
Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces dryness
Smoothes skin texture

Resveratrol Fights Photo-Aging (from sunlight)

It can be incorporated in emulsions at 50 – 55C.

Recommended use level: 1%

To a 4oz cream base for 1% use level, add 1.13g/1 teaspoon

To a 1 gallon cream base for 1% use level, add 37.2g/1/2 cup

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