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GHK copper peptide solution (GHK-cu) Copper Tripeptide-1 DIY ingredient Serum Booster

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GHK Copper Peptide Solution serum booster~!  


DIY Ingredient - Requires further mixing before use


GHK-Cu Copper Peptides Fluid

Use rate: 0.5%-2%

For 1% - Add 1 ml GHK Copper Peptides to 99 ml water or base product = produces 100 ml 1% copper peptide product. Or 0.3 ml per ounce of base.


Add to finished product like serums, moisturizers, creams, etc.  

Appearance is CLEAR to very, very light blue, but may appear clear when drawn up in pipet or dropper. There is a picture of the way the GHK Copper Peptides look in the jug when we get them - they appear dark blue, like the ocean. Just like the ocean, when you take smaller and smaller quantities to examine for color, the color becomes more clear. If a copper peptide product is a vivid blue, there is way too much GHK copper peptide in it, which can cause skin damage or there could be added blue coloring for marketing purposes. Both should be avoided.


This ingredient has proven effects demonstrated in many of our products including, but not limited to: Rapid Brow, Rapid Hair, Rapid Nail, CP Cuticle Creme, Hi-Rose with Copper Peptides, and Pore Refining Lift. We have been using the same copper peptides from the same chemist for 5-7 years. 


Good for at least 1 year from date of purchase. Refrigerate excess.


GHK-cu Copper Peptide Solution- complete - does not require further synthesizing with protein before use. 


This is a DIY product that can be added at the recommended level to skin, hair and nail serums, creams or preparations. 


GHK Copper Peptides should be used at pH levels between 5-7, no lower than 5. For best results, do not use them with acidic preparations lower than pH 5, or with citric acid, ascorbic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, etc. You will be amazed at the results, I promise~! 

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