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Hydrolyzed Keratin - 100% PURE - DIY ingredient - hair treatment - skin care

$ 14.87 $ 85.00

For hair, please do not exceed 5% - we did recently change manufacturers for keratin and this is much, much stronger!

New cobalt blue glass bottles with markings on glass pipet cap and new labels. 

Great for hair AND skin care products~! Easy to add to existing or own formulas.

100% Pure Hydrolyzed Keratin - Keratin that has been hydrolyzed
(stronger than regular keratin) - penetrates and coats hair resulting in
smooth appearance~!

Hydrolyzed Keratin provides moisturizing benefits for both hair and
skin. Can be used in hair treatment, shampoo, conditioner,
styling, leave-in, bodywash, body lotion, body treatments, cleanser, toner,
facial moisturizer, face, treatment, mascara,
lipstick, color cosmetics, makeup foundation.

Water soluble

Use rate: 0.2% up to 5%

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