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Hydrolyzed Keratin - 100% PURE - DIY ingredient - hair treatment - skin care

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For hair, please do not exceed 5% - we did recently change manufacturers for keratin and this is much, much stronger! The label may say "10%" still - we are using up the old labels. New labels will have  5% max on them. 

Great for hair AND skin care products~! Easy to add to existing or own formulas.

100% Pure Hydrolyzed Keratin - Keratin that has been hydrolyzed
(stronger than regular keratin) - penetrates and coats hair resulting in
smooth appearance~!

Hydrolyzed Keratin provides moisturizing benefits for both hair and
skin. Can be used in hair treatment, shampoo, conditioner,
styling, leave-in, bodywash, body lotion, body treatments, cleanser, toner,
facial moisturizer, face, treatment, mascara,
lipstick, color cosmetics, makeup foundation.

water soluble

Use rate: 0.2% up to 5%

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