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15 gm 100% GABA Hot Skin Care Ingredient Wrinkles Lines

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15 gm GABA
100% Pure Powder

Wrinkle Relaxer

Paralyzing Agent

Add to your skin care products to achieve priceless results on the cheap!

Skin Care percentages: 2% to 5% of total formulation
What does GABA do?
It is Hypothesized that GABA would
relax the nerves in your face to prevent wrinkling.

GABA (gamma-amniobutyric acid) very often is referred to
as the body's natural tranquilizer. It is an amino acid that is
produced in the brain. It acts as a neurotransmitter
(a chemical that enables communication between nerve cells).
It also helps to keep stress-related nerve impulses at bay.

Dr. Perricone uses it & that is good enough for me!

It is also the key ingredient in a 24 hour/7 day Cold Brrr! Cream!

GABA is the KEY ingredient in many high-end creams I am not allowed to mention.

A Google search for the words "GABA Cream" will give you a good idea how much money you can save when you formulate your own!

Please do your own research to avoid allergies and  find use level percentages that are right for your own purposes.

Water Soluble
Use Level Not Established
Generally 1% to 2% max
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This is an ingredient for DIY products or adding to ready made cream bases!

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