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15ml-100% SYN®-Ake Synake Syn-Ake Synthetic Snake Venom

$ 40.47

Due to Customer Demand!

Attn: Skin Care Formulators
We have listened to your requests!

*This Pricey Ingredient*

will make your next anti-wrinkle cream or gel
the talk of the town!

*Use Rate: is just 1%-4% of the total formula.

Water soluble*

This Listing is for

15 ml

of this pricey ingredient!

*Note the use rate is only 1%-4% so it goes FAR!*

**At 2%*** Enough to make 140 ml (or about 3.5 oz)

Add .6 ml (about 1/2 ml) to 1 oz (or 30 ml) cream

*Pipette included for measuring when available -

(sometimes we run out of things and would not hold up your order for a pipette!)

100% SYN®-Ake
No Additives!

THE Topical Paralyzing Ingredient!
Synthetic Snake Venom Supplied as
INCI Name: Water, Glycerin, Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate.

SYN®-Ake is an anti-wrinkle active compound based on a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of Waglerin 1, found in the venom of the Temple Viper. The biological activity of SYN®-Ake reduces the contraction frequency of muscle cells on the face, thereby decreasing expression lines. It prevents the fixation of acetylcholine-the 'contraction messenger' for facial muscles that calms the muscle contractions that would increase wrinkling.

In vivo testing showed an impressive reduction of over 50% in wrinkle size after 28 days!

Use Rate: 1%-4% of total formula. Water soluble, incorporate at or below 45oC (113oF) to formulations.

Great for deep wrinkles & lines on the forehead~!

Do not use in areas you do not want to droop - such as eye areas. This has an action like a popular injectable paralyzing agent. Specific application to ONLY THE WRINKLE is highly suggested.

We normally ship same to next day!
There MAY be a slight restocking period 4-5 days-totally
By this time in a few days, you could be actively smoothing your forehead~!

If you do not have deep wrinkles or even if you do, I strongly recommend using DMAE to keep it that way! I have heard this is a powerful and amazing ingredient for what it does and have had multiple requests to carry it, so HERE IT IS~!!!

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