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50 gm Fullers Earth Powder Skin Lightening Mud Masks

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50 grams of

Fullers Earth Powder

-Finely Ground Tan Powder-

Skin Lightener - Absorbs Dirt

Acne Fighter


50 gm of Fuller's Earth

Great for:
- Skin Lightening
- Diaper Rash Treatment & Prevention
- Soap Ingredient
- Facial Mask Draws Out Deep Impurities / Acne
- Absorbing Properties UNMATCHED

Put a small amount into your palm, add water to desired consistency,
apply a thin layer to your face and allow to dry completely
(15-30 minutes). Rinse well and pat dry.
One of the BEST MUD MASKS in the world!

Fullers Earth, a natural, mineral clay type substance with the property
of absorbing basic colors and removing them from oils. It is composed
mainly of alumina, silica, iron oxides, lime, magnesia, and water, in
extremely variable proportions, and is generally classified as a
sedimentary clay. Makes a great facial mask when mixed with water
and is known to have skin lightening properties.

A sedimentary clay that has been widely used as a skin-lightening agent
and is best known for its ability to be applied as a "facial bleach". Because
of its enormous drawing capabilities, Fuller's Earth is the number one choice
for oily skin and those prone to acne. It literally draws oil from the skin and
has been used industrially for this exact purpose. It is an efficient absorber
in powder form. Also works nicely as a bulk ingredient for skin clay recipes.

In color it may be whitish, buff, brown, green, olive, or blue. It was originally
used in the fulling of wool to remove oil and grease but is now used in refining edible oils.

It is also a useful base ingredient for facial clay recipes and adds a nice
finishing touch to clay products promising to aid its user with their battle against oily skin.

Babies: Simple diaper rash is caused by chemicals in urine and feces irritating the skin
 when they come into contact. If you sprinkled Fullers Earth directly onto your baby's
bottom then it would absorb some of the urine and feces she produces, thereby reducing
any chemical irritation of the skin and so allows diaper rash to improve or be prevented.

Add a tablespoon to your favorite cold process soap recipe for a bar of soap
that eliminates hard to remove dirt and grease.

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  • Make your own scrubs, masks & skin lighteners!
  • Add water and you have an instant face mask!
  • Add to ANY LIQUID SOAP and you have:
  • Mechanic's Hand Cleaner, Degreaser, Scrub, Draws impurities~!

Water soluble-use in water phase of formulations. 


This is an ingredient and I cannot be held responsible for the

skill level of the person mixing solutions.

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