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50gm Calcium Citrate Post Microdermabrasion Scars Dry

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Citrate Powder
Great for
Post Microdermabrasion
Skin Care, Dry Skin &
Skin Over 55
50 gm Size

Use Rate: 2.5% to 5%

Weight to Volume for Calcium Citrate
(all of the powders are different):
1 level tsp = 2.3 gm
ALWAYS use weight rather than volume whenever possible~!
(Add up to 1.5 gm for every oz of cream - so adding about 1/2 tsp for every oz will work out nicely to reach almost 5%)

Water Soluble

You may like to dissolve it with water before adding to the cream, if your cream is very heavy. I would suggest using a lighter lotion and adding it without dissolving or only dissolve drop by drop of water to use as little water as possible before adding it to the lotion or cream.

Calcium Citrate
Calcium is just as critical to the health of skin as zinc. In the late 1990s the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) published the results of extensive research regarding calcium.
Calcium regulates cell turnover via cell "differentiation" stimulated by protein kinase C (PKC enzyme). Increased epidermal calcium stimulates rapid cell turnover and, therefore, turnover can be up-regulated with absorbable topical calcium resulting in plumper looking skin.

Calcium regulates the lipid barrier process. High calcium content in the upper epidermis helps maintain continual and efficient barrier functions. Patients with dry skin or dry skin due
to weather respond well to topical calcium treatment. Cold winter weather, microdermabrasion and peeling strips the skin's moisture barrier. Calcium can significantly reduce dryness caused by microdermabrasion making the skin look well hydrated and fuller in appearance.

Check out this breakthrough patent using Calcium to heal scars from Chicken Pox, Acne, etc. from even 8 years ago within a few months!
The present invention has healed scars as old as eight years through topical application of the formula to the scarred area and surrounding tissue ten to twelve times daily. Total healing of these scars took less than four months.

Calcium is known to have a direct relationship with catalase, a powerful antioxidant produced by skin. Calcium, besides being necessary for many body functions, helps with collagen formation and protein structuring in DNA and RNA. The latest research shows that a lack of Calcium results in skin appearing
fragile and thin- even papery, as supporting layers weaken and loose density. After age 55, the body experiences a significant loss of Calcium as it is less able to absorb and retain this essential nutrient.

Calcium is associated with several enzyme activities, as a mediator of some hormonal responses, signal transduction,
blood coagulation and muscle contraction. Intracellular calcium appears to form a calcium-protein complex that has an important role in regulating cell membrane permeability and inducing lamellar body secretion.

The DNA and RNA of the human body remember the history of a cell when reproducing. Therefore, with irritations such as blemishes and even skin cancers, new irritation or disorders may reappear in spots on the body where they have appeared before. The present invention, through penetration of the cell wall and nuclei, replaces valuable components and allows the RNA and DNA to return to the original memory of skin
which has not been damaged.

First dissolve, then add to cream.
Use Rate: 2.5% to 5%

Water Soluble

Great for use on aging parents with thin, papery skin.

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