AHA Night Toner Exfoliate before Nutrients Alphahydroxy

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New Look~!
AHA Night Toner

2 oz Size
Exfoliate before Nutrients Alphahydroxy
No need to rinse!
  1. Release tiny amount onto cotton ball.
  2. Wipe onto freshly cleansed skin each night.
  3. Follow with Model's Milk or other moisturizer.
  4. No need to rinse!
Use morning & night after cleansing.

Remove dead skin cells...

The benefits of alphahydroxy acids really shine when you're talking about exfoliation!
Strip away scaly dead skin cells before adding your nutrition packed moisturizer at night!
Delivers Fast & Phenomenal results!

Helps release the surface of the skin so it can relax, not wrinkle. Eliminates dead surface skin cells that block nutrients from getting deep down beneath the skin's surface.

We do the research to find the BEST active ingredients for the situation, then formulate them in a product just for you!

NEVER skip your NIGHT TIME skin car routine!!! It is the MOST IMPORTANT~!!!

Your Skin rests at night and soaks in the nutrients you apply in your moisturizer so you can awake with a very easy skin care routine - just cleanse, moisturize and sun screen for the Day Time!
Begin to take extra care for your night time skin care routine tonight and start to see results tomorrow!

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