Glutathione Glow Pore Refining Lift for Celina & Marnie

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Exclusive to ModelSupplies~!
NEW Product~!
for Celina & Marnie


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This Listing is for

15 ml by volume

Pore Refining Lift

It smells like Vitamins with a hint of Rose - no added scent. Not necessarily unpleasant, but this product WORKS~!

Use After Cleansing & Pore Refining Rinse (May be included)

Follow with Model's Milk if desired

You may not need another moisturizer with this treatment~!


Have I ever steered you wrong?

NO~! And I don't intend to start now~!

Inspired by Dr. Murad and Dr. Perricone,

The ingredients in this serum are not duplicated in any of my other products.

This is a MUST HAVE.

Your skin will lift and glow~!

You MAY experience an immediate “lifting” effect; a perceptible and visible ironing of the cutis. Some people will NOT see immediate results, but will take a bit of time. Both fine and deep wrinkles will be visibly reduced.

And the glow~!

I really thought I had done all I could to my skin topically by this point, but there was more to experience~!

The Glutathione alone was a healthy and beautiful addition, but this is a symphony of ingredients that will not be easy to match~! The metals are well represented with Copper, Zinc and Magnesium.

My skin has NEVER looked better~! My pores have NEVER looked so small. And it's not that they just look small and I am not suggesting that the size of your pores can change - we are born with a pore size - but these ingredients give the pores a workout, so that each individual pore is so clean inside, then tightened, it appears smaller because it is contracting like a newly ripped muscle~!

The overall effect is a taut skin surface, youthful and glowing, an even skin tone with no red areas. No sagging. No lines or wrinkles, only the very finest of lines that are even invisible upon the application of ModelSupplies Pore Refining Lift. You would be hard-pressed to guess my age at nearly 48-see my picture on eBay MyWorld. And I have NEVER had any type of surgery for my face - not even B0t0x, not laser, not lights, no fillers, no peels, no dermabrasion. Nothing but topical skin treatments and occasional exercise to keep the muscles toned.

Now I know what I should have named this:


Oh~! I forgot the "Glow"~!

The Retail Price for this Power-House would be $270 per ounce/30 ml

I am offering half ounce/15 ml here to keep the price down a bit.

Search "Pore" to find the listing for 30 ml

Both in an airless bottle to keep it fresh and free of bacteria from use.

This is the new top of the line ModelSupplies product.


Recently I had the wonderful experience of being accused of having a facelift and nose job~! How awesome~!!


The pictures below will prove it's my nose ;-) lol

My husband and I in 1988

My husband and I in 1999 at Barbizon International Modeling School's Christmas Party (I was an instructor, aside from this bad pose ;-)

1980 - Can you see my nose? I'll find a different picture. lol

1977 - My attempt at Farrah hair and smile~!

Kindergarten - 5 yrs old~!

I have my Dad's nose - here he is at age 81~!

Thanksgiving 2010

August 8, 2011 - I'm 48 with NO MAKEUP WHATSOEVER~!

The ONLY thing I did was ADD THIS PRODUCT~! And I have been using my own products all along, of course~!

Brand New!

Never Used!

Just Bid Now!

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