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ModelSupplies Keratin Hair Treatment Protein PLUS~! Collagen Bamboo Hyaluronic

$ 21.96

for Hair
Keratin Protein Plus Treatment
Includes all utensils for mixing & measuring.
**Does NOT include Moroccan Argan Oil**

Dull, Dry, Damaged Hair that won't hold color or style
ModelSupplies Keratin Protein Kit

Tame your mane~!

Dry, Damaged hair can be renewed no matter what the condition regardless of your age!~

The effects are cumulative so it is better after each time~!

I didn't realize why everyone on TV had such smooth, shiny hair. Now I know it is from Keratin protein treatments~! I have straight, fine hair and use Wen, so my hair never got that out of control, HOWEVER, I was AMAZED at the glorious difference this made in my own hair after just one treatment~! And you will be, too~!

Please note, this is NOT a hair straightening product. Your curls are safe =)

My hair was starting to do have that "Christmas Tree effect" where the dry ends stick out farther than the hair on the scalp, creating a triangle-head silhouette~! No~! One treatment tamed it back down. I can't wait to do the next one~!

Kit includes:
30 ml / 1 oz Keratin Protein Treatment
Empty mixing bottle
Pipet for measuring
Printed Instructions

This Kit does NOT include:
Moroccan Argan Oil
Clarifying Shampoo
Heavy, thick conditioner or Hair Mask
Plastic hair cap or plastic bag
Blow Dryer

This is a highly concentrated formula, so the 1 oz / 30 ml bottle will give you about 15 treatments
- each treatment must be at least 14 days apart
- so this is about 30 weeks of protein treatments
- That's over 6 months~!

This is a perfect addition if you are using Rapid Hair to grow your hair~!

water, hyaluronic acid, bamboo extract, keratin, collagen, hydrolyzed protein, keratin amino acids, lactic acid (for shaft penetration)

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