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ModelSupplies Recover Me Hair Growth Fast Grow Head Scalp Brow Beard Moustache

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Recover Me!

2 Fl oz / 60 ml

Yes, it's only a 2 oz bottle, but it takes just a couple of drops to cover one side of your temple hair. With the same hand, I carry the residual to my eyebrow! I even touch my lash line! If you want thicker, longer hair faster, just apply very little to the center part of your hair after a shower and let it run down the sides a little -  spread it around a little like shampoo. You will be shocked how well so little works! This bottle will last typically about 6 months.

You asked for a version of Rapid Hair that was not greasy yet effective and even helps speed the whole process of growing out your hair! Here it is!

Recover Me contains AHK & GHK copper peptides, Root Stim (Red Clover Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3) and more!

Use on:

• Scalp

• Brows

• Lash line

• Beard

• Mustache

• Any place you would like to enhance and support your hair follicles

This is my new favorite. I now have thicker hair than I had in college, it’s thicker at the ends and down the middle of my back, plus I have hair coming in on my widows peak areas!!! I’ve never had that! I also use our Keratin products to strengthen against breakage, but it’s so easy to do these and you need to use so little!

If you are covering a large area, you may like to use the sprayer. If not, use the applicator tip to just get a few drops to cover a widow’s peak, for example. I like to use the tip down my center part while my hair is wet after washing it. Be careful not to apply too much or it runs down your head! It’s a great way to support thicker, longer hair - and easy!

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