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ModelSupplies Z Roller Roll Away Zits & Blemishes Fast on Face Body Booty 10ml USA

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Tonight, you can roll away that zit~!
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10 ml Bottle!


Z Roller

Zit Remover

Just roll it directly onto the blemish - wherever it may be located. Maybe buy one for your face and a 2nd one for your body.

It does have a



I had two problems to solve with this: zits on my face that would occur after waxing my upper lip and brows; AND blemishes on my bottom that would pop up after my 8 mile daily bike rides~! Those are painful little ingrown hairs!

On both accounts~!

But the ones on my butt, well, unacceptable, seriously. I recommend this for any athlete who has this problem. The formula made a small zit on my upper lip disappear overnight~! Some of the others have been more resistant, but they go down and away so much faster and the pain goes with it~! I can get "back in the saddle" the very next day which is so so important~!

There are a number of zit killing ingredients in this little wonder and while 10 ml is a small, discreet bottle, it sure goes a






Pick up a Pair if you also get zits, pimples, blemishes, boils, ingrown hairs, etc. on your face AND body occasionally. You will be SO GLAD you did~!

10 ml


Use after cleansing - just dot it on~!

This is it~!

Top of the Line!


Proprietary Formula: Witch Hazel, Magnesium Gluconate, MSM, Tea Tree Oil, Salicylic Acid

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